Old Fashioned

Sometimes something old brings out a new idea…..loved this shoot!  Here’s a little video of the shoot! 



Summer’s Ending….

this was a summer of lots of swimming and i wanted to preserve that memory in some way!!!!  my little 3 yr. old was swimming on her own!  sooo, i bought a disposable camera….it took horrible pictures as i had guessed it would…i mean, really, how well can a $10 camera produce!  BUT, i took some images, applied some filters that distort, blur …..and whalla!  it looks pretty cool i think and i didn’t have to buy a nice underwater camera or special water case for my camera!  i used a watercolor angled brush stroke and watercolor paper filters to get this look.  this might just have to get blown up and put on the wall! 



God Bless You!

i had a great day hanging out with this family to document their baby’s girl’s christening and the celebration following with family.  it was a day at the four seasons.  this family is truly blessed and i enjoyed capturing their special event!






we can’t wait til baby anders meets his mama and daddy…..awesome parents they will be and such a good looking couple!  only if every shoot was this easy!  











4th of July

it doesn’t get much more american than family, picnics, baseball and red, white and blue!  this is our 3rd year to go the local park and hang out until the fireworks light up the sky.  we went to the rangers game later that week.  we are so proud of my brother as he is now the hitting coach for the rangers!  now, i just need him to stand a little bit higher as that darn dugout cuts off his name so i can’t get a good shot! 

Baby Lucy

i forget everytime how tiny a newborn is!  i never got a chance to use this new girly hat this past winter so had to bring it out since i finally had a baby girl to model it and how cute she is!!!  love these tassle hats….i got mine through design revolution at the ppa conference but you can find them on etsy also! 

















Sweet Baby Sydney!

i took her newborn shots and it’s already been 6 months!!! really???  i love seeing the babies grow and feel privileged to be chosen to document their growth and all the miraculous changes that happen their first year!  she is so stinkin’ cute…..i could have just kept photographing her all morning!